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Whether you arrived at this website 

intentionally or by Divine Intervention



Most people are daily confronted with the usual plethora of life's proverbial challenges. 

The majority allow themselves to become so totally engulfed and overwhelmed by them, that they develop mindsets 

of hopelessness, despair, depression and more. Because of this most fail to realize how truly blessed they really are, and how much they have actually taken for granted. The thought of lifting their hands or eyes to the heavens, and opening their mouths 

to offer even the most humblest prayer of thanks to our Gracious, Merciful, Sovereign, Eternal, Everlasting GOD, who is responsible for their very existence and being, is the furthest thought from their minds. 

There was a time in history when there existed no degree of hesitancy on the part of mankind, to acknowledge

the importance of GOD's presence and influence in their daily lives. Now there seems to have developed a 

strong disinclination by the majority, to even mention HIS influence in any area or aspect of their lives. 

When was the last time that you actually remember hearing anyone even mention GOD 

without it being used as part of a phrase using profanity? 

When is the last time that you personally mentioned GOD in a conversation you were having with anyone? 

When was the last time that you can truthfully say, that you sincerely thanked GOD for anything 

that HE has done for you, in any area or aspect of your life, or for that of your family members ? 

We are daily bombarded with massive amounts of mass media marketing campaigns, which present

 info-commercials advertising workout programs for the development of our bodies, and online college/university programs encouraging the development of our minds, but very seldom is any thought or mention given 

to encouraging or promoting the development of our “spirits”. 

Most people seldom acknowledge or are totally unaware that we are actually 

"tripartite beings" consisting of a spirit, a soul and a body. 

This website is filled with life changing information that will truly bless you with resources, that can help you to comprehend the importance of developing your spirit, soul and body. You will literally be inspired, guided and challenged with many ways to successfully achieve any level of development that you are sincerely willing to commit to. 

You will be blessed with the unique opportunity of developing a relationship with Almighty GOD, the Creator of the entire universe, in a very dynamic life changing way. 

Whether you are a seasoned Christian, a curious seeker searching for the truth, or someone who is just totally confused, unsure or doubtful about GOD’s very existence and "everlasting love for you", I sincerely believe that your eyes will be opened, that you may clearly see, and that your ears will be opened that you may clearly hear. 



Please tell your family, friends and associates about this website. Explore its many links and be blessed. 

Make sure that before you leave this website, that you know without the shadow of a doubt that 

you have a "secure relationship" with ALMIGHTY GOD based on what HE says is necessary for anyone 

to establish a relationship with HIM. Click on the link, "ARE YOU SAVED" and follow its directions. 

Secondly, reflect on one or several of your past or recent personal experiences, which had outcomes that left no doubt in your mind, that ALMIGHTY GOD has most definitely intervened on your behalf, and  blessed you, a friend or family member in some special way. Click on the link, "HAS GOD BEEN GOOD TO YOU", and let the world know how truly grateful you are for GOD'S many blessings in and over your life. Keep in mind the great possibility, that someone may be led to visit this website, 

just to hear your unique experience, so that they may be encouraged and blessed

You may very well help to "Save A Life".